Why Car Insurance Companies Care About the Car You Drive

Why Car Insurance Companies Care About the Car You Drive

When you get quotes for car insurance, you are asked for your VIN number. This is so that car insurance companies know what car it is that you drive. They want to know about the year, make, and model. They also want to know all about safety features. The reason it is so that they know how safe your car is on the road.

The Value

The value of your car is going to play an important role in the cost of your car insurance. Insurance companies want to know what the total value of the car is because it will cost them more to replace when the car is more expensive. As such, it is also going to cost more to ensure a higher value car.

The make and model that you provide to the insurance company will allow them to determine the estimated value of the car.

The Safety Features

Another reason that insurance companies care about the car you drive is to determine the safety features. The more safety features you have, the less likely you are to get involved in a major accident. Remember that insurance companies have to pay for car repairs as well as injuries. If safety features prevent your car from getting wrecked or keep you safe during a collision, it will be better for you and reduce the cost of your insurance.

Some of the top safety features include airbags, collision prevention systems, and blind spot monitoring.

The Likelihood of it Getting Stolen

Insurance companies will also look at the make and model to determine the likelihood of your car getting stolen. Many studies have shown that sporty cars are more likely to be stolen than luxury cars. For example, the Honda Civic is one of the most commonly stolen cars available in the marketplace, which means that the cost of insurance is going to be higher than other cars within this category.

Insurance companies look at a lot of different categories in order to determine what the cost of insurance is going to be. In addition to looking at your car, they will also look at your driving record, the ZIP Code where you live, and various other statistics. You can control the car that you drive, which means that you should take that into consideration the next time you are shopping for a car.

It’s a good idea to involve independent insurance agents in the process. They can help you to determine whether your car is safe and help you to find more affordable insurance. Plus, you don’t pay anything for them to assist you.